Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Way off topic... Purchased some new Toto Toilets! Toto Toilet Review

Ok, this has NOTHING to do with photography, but it is one of those events that must be documented :-) Since the economy hasn't been the best, we decided to look at saving some money on our monthly bills. Our water will has been averaging $150 every two months. So to help save money and personally jump start the economy, we purchased a few new toilets and I am now officially a toilet expert! On top of this, the Santa Clara County district is offering $125 per potty installed, and California State also has another $100 rebate.

We had a 1.6 Gallon Kohler Rialto that just wouldn't flush anything down. Obviously one of those early models that hadn't been redesigned, just the amount of water decreased. Our other one was a original coral color 5 gallon American Standard. I did tons of research and checked out many sites. Almost every person and plumber recommended to go with Toto.

Within Toto, there are many bells and whistles. We opted to go with a Toto Eco Ultramax 1.28 Gallon, Standard Height (for the kids!), with elongated bowl. In our master little bathroom, we went with the Toto Gwyneth . It has SanaGloss (some magical surface that makes it sterile and easy to clean), "Comfort Height" which is a little taller than normal and the super cool "Double Cyclone" flush system. This is also a 1.28 Gallon toilet. We looked at the Aquia II, but didn't like having to reach behind you to push the buttons. The .9 gallon flush is a great idea. The Verdict?! Both are awesome toilets! The kids love the soft-close seats that close automatically without waking up the house. Both are super quiet and really flush great! I highly recommend either of these - you can't go wrong! Our water bill should be lower in the next few months (although I think the kids like flushing them TOO much!).

Feel free to post comments, ask questions or check out my landscape photography :-)
Enjoy! John


Auntie Cosmo said...

Since I'm having a Toto one-piece Gwyneth delivered today, I was thrilled to see your post. I live down in Santa Cruz. If you don't mind my asking, is your Gwyneth a one or two-piece? Also, can you provide me a ballpark installation cost? (I think the quote I received of $250 flat, plus hourly for any complications seems high, although it includes pick up from the local distributor and disposition of old toilet). Thanks so much.

John said...

Mine is a one piece. I had a handyman install it for ~$100 including removal $250 was on the high side of some of the contractors I talked with. Most were ~$175. Enjoy!