Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vote for "Nature's Firefalls for the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop Contest

I submitted my "Nature's Firefall" image for the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop Contest. Please vote for my picture so I can have a chance to win a workshop tour to more national parks!

Vote for my photo!vote

Friday, August 22, 2008

Copyright Photography

I ran across this link on a friend of mines Flickr site (Deborah Lattimore) which reminded me to share this. All of my photographs are subject to US Copyright laws, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To do so, you need to file them with the US Copyright office. Here is a link to the forms.

Safe shooting and protecting your images!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Photography Podcast - This Week in Photography

Having an iPhone makes listening and watching podcasts VERY enjoyable! I used to just listen to them and now I just load them up. One of my favorites that I listen to now and recommend to any budding or professional photographer to listen to is "This Week in Photography" It really has a nice array of commentary, chat about new cameras of all sorts (not just the expensive ones I can't afford), great tips, great guest speakers talking about techniques or products. The hosts, Scott and Alex, really have a great show here. btw - I don't receive any compensation for saying this!

For those of you who don't know-- you don't need an ipod to listen to a podcast. Just download iTunes and you can 'subscribe' to the podcast directly in iTunes. It will download, automatically update when there is a new one and is all you need. I listen to my podcasts with my iphone connected to my car stereo via a cassette adapter. It works great.

Here is a great tip on there website called "Background, Background, Background." I love the quote from the site "It was my way of reminding them that the best subject in the world, placed in front of a crappy background, leads to a crappy photo." - I really wish someone had told me this sooner!

Check out "This Week in Photography" and tell them John Harrison Photography sent you!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pacific Art League Gallery Palo Alto California Exhibitions for July

The Pacific Art League just finished up the June Landscape exhibits with over 65 pieces. My 24x32" "Nature's Firefall" took second place, and my "Last Images of The Grant Road Farm" took third! I was pretty excited!!

This months exhibition is "Abstracts." There are over 100 pieces on display. I am exhibiting 5 pieces this month including some of my Hard Textures and Colors collection. For more information on the exhibit, check out the Pacific Art League website.