Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curry Village Tent Cabins in Yosemite

"Curry Village Tent Cabins in Yosemite" Nothing like these tent cabins in Yosemite! How many times have you stayed in them!? Walk out in the morning with the peaks around you and look straight up towards Glacier Point! Anyone have any good Curry Village stories?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Essential tools for photographers, hikers and outdoor folks - a modern LED Flashlight

Essential tools every photographer, hiker and outdoor person should carry - a modern LED flashlight! Forget those big huge 6-D battery maglites, I carry about 3 different LED flashlights and headlamps. They are super bright, lightweight, and small enough to put in the car, backpack or camera bag. I use this one linked in my camera bag. It is ~200+ lumens with multiple levels. I keep this one, in my car and then bring the 800 lumen beast for more outdoor fun and lightpainting! Perfect for those summer outings and they also make great fun for the kids!