Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awesome new Vincent Laforet video shot on the new Canon 1D Mark IV DSLR

New Vincent Laforet video shot on the new Canon 1D Mark IV at ISO 6400 with available light. Just wild and stunning. You can click the link at the top to view the full 1080p version if you have bandwidth (courtesy Chris MacAskill). This is hosted on the SmugMug site that also does a supreme job of hosting and displaying the video - the best site around for photo and video hosting.

Here is the link for the automatic sizing based on your display:

If you REALLY have some bandwidth and processing power (like a mac) to view the FULL 1080p HD video, then check out this link.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shooting in Beijing was great!

My whirlwind trip to Asia got me to Beijing. I hired a guide and driver to take me around Beijing and managed to see The Great Wall (Badaling), The Summer Palace and The Forbidden City. I managed to get the guide to get me out early and was the first person to arrive at one of the most popular sections of the wall. I had about 30 minutes to shoot before other folks started to arrive! This is DEFINITELY the way to enjoy it. I captured this image just as I was getting ready to go in. The camera happened to be setup and ready to go or I wouldn't have gotten this. More images to post later.

Now off to shoot fall colors in Bishop and the Eastern Sierra.