Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nikon should add Video to the D300 and D3!

I have been shooting with the Nikon D300 and absolutely love it. It is a real solid camera, low noise, great features. Nikon recently introduced the D90 and added one cool feature - 720P video! Since the D300 and D90 are VERY similar cameras, Nikon SHOULD be able to add 720P video to the D300 and D3! Especially in light of the new Canon 5D mark II also having video. Nikon has been awesome at being competitive recently. They should keep pushing the edge! Since companies are not able to add major features to their products for free (due to revenue recognition issues - this is why Apple defers revenue for the iPhone), I would be happy to pay Nikon to add the feature. Nikon would win with this - they already have my $$$$$$ for the camera, and now they could get another $100?!? out of me for this new feature. This is NEW money that Nikon would have never seen - it isn't like I am going to go out and purchase a new camera for this feature. I already paid $1800 for this camera! I know that new features come out every day - but when you pay $1800 for a camera and a few months later a $999 camera has an awesome feature, you have to think of your installed base. Give Nikon early adopters something we can use! This is called incremental revenue. Come on Nikon!

Any one else? What do you think!? Nikon should get with the plan.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote for my Nature's Firefalls for the Aperture Nature Workshop Contest

I have entered my Nature's Firefall photo in the Aperture Nature Workshop Contest again at Photrade. This is a NEW contest with a possible opportunity to go shoot with pro's in Yellowstone National Park. I haven't been there but would LOVE to go. Please vote for my photo if you like it. Thanks for your support. I promise to share all the stories and photos with you should I win! You will need to create and account to vote, but that should be easy to do! Thanks! John

Vote for my photo!vote

(edit - It turns out it is actually to go to YOSEMITE!! yay!)

Back from Yosemite and Mono Lake in Fall

I just spent 5 days shooting up in Yosemite and Mono Lake looking for Fall Colors. I will post pictures shortly! The fall colors are running a little lake this year. On top of that, it was 90 degrees when I left Sunnyvale and a cold front came through dumping 6 inches of snow in the mono lake area and drove temperatures down to a high of 30! It was a little cold. Why was I up there? I was talking a workshop from Michael Frye through the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite. It was a fantastic course with both shooting and lightroom/photoshop instruction. I picked up quite a few new things and really appreciated the 1-1 instruction from Michael and his two other assistants, Robert and retired park ranger Mike Osbourne. More stories from that later after I get the pictures posted!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apple releases new MacBooks and Macbook Pro's!

Some pretty sleak new laptops were introduced by Apple this week. I use macs when I work on my photography and having some horsepower to work on photos is essential these days. Working with RAW files in Lightroom and Photoshop, creating panoramas, creating multiple image compilations, the speed of your mac really helps. I think I will need to look at getting one of those in the next year :-) Or, feel free to purchase 5 of my photographs and I can move that up sooner! Enjoy! John