Friday, May 18, 2012

Camera Gadget of the Month - The Hoodman LCD Viewfinder Loupe / Scope

Photo gadget of the month - The Hoodman LCD Viewfinder Loupe / Scope. One very useful tools/toys I use is a loupe for looking at the back of the LCD screen on the camera. The scope/loupe covers the screen and magnifies what you see on the LCD so you can better ensure the perfect exposure.  This works great for liveview focusing to make sure you have a nice sharp focus and also to make sure you have filled the frame and don't have any distracting elements in your image.  It is pretty inexpensive as camera gadgets go and I just wear it around my neck to give a quick check of an image.  Getting back home and finding you didn't quite nail the shot or focus can really be frustrating.  This tool helps get it right the first time.