Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Reflections of El Capitan at Sunset" in Presigious Yosemite Gallery!

I am excited to announce that my "Reflections of El Capitan at Sunset" has been accepted into a prestigious gallery exhibit in Yosemite! No, not the Ansel Adams gallery (not yet!), but an exhibit called the "Yosemite Renaissance" This was one of my major goals this past year and I got in!

The sunlit El Capitan at sunset is reflected on the Merced. I shot this during my national contest winning trip last year (I won the Aperture Nature Photography contest) where I got to shoot with 4 professionals including Scott Bourne, Jennifer Wu, Steve Simon and Gary Hamburgh.

If you are in Yosemite in the next few months, stop in and visit the exhibit at the Yosemite Museum Gallery through May 2nd. There is also a reception this Friday, Feb 26th that I will be attending if you are close by!

If you would like one of these limited edition images, they are for sale.
(tax in CA and shipping additional) Send me a message or email to arrange to purchase. Framed images are also available. Reserve your early editions now!

The Yosemite Renaissance is in its 25th year and showcases different views capturing the spirit of Yosemite in different art mediums. This competition and juried exhibit is open to professional and amateur artists and they had a record number of entries this year. Only a few photographers were accepted. Some other famous Yosemite photographers that have exhibited there include Charlie Cramer, Michael Frye (both of whom I have studied under), William Neill and Elizabeth Carmel.

About the image:
Blue skies are normally not too interesting, so I looked around to find a smaller, more interesting composition. The reflected orange glow from El Cap just lit up the Merced and I found this soothing image (this is one of my favorite images!) The gold and blue are a natural combination that go together with the swirls and flows like an abstract painting. I print this large on canvas and most people can't tell if this is a painting or a photograph. This is part of my "Water, Light and Textures series" of images that can be seen via the link.

The Yosemite Museum Gallery is next to the main Yosemite Visitors center and is also close to the Ansel Adams Gallery.

I want to thank everyone for their support including my very supportive wife and children, my mentors, Scott Bourne for running the Aperture Nature Photography contest, Jennifer Wu who has coached me, and Michael Frye and Charlie Cramer who I also have studied under.

Back out to shooting and getting ready for the Yosemite this weekend!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Image of the Day "Palace of Fine Arts at Night in San Francisco"

"Palace of Fine Arts at Night in San Francisco". I went up to San Francisco to attend the 20th anniversary of Photoshop which was at the Palace of Fine Arts. I managed to get up there right at dusk and captured a few images. The fog was pretty thick with the lights of the Palace of Fine Arts creating a glow in the sky.... This coupled with the nice reflections makes this is pleasing but almost fiery combination!