Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beer Garden in the German Alps, Lake Königsee in the Berchtesgaden

"Beer Garden in the German Alps" I am back from another adventure in Germany. This time I headed to Lake Königsee in the Berchtesgaden area near the Salzburg and the German/Austrian Border. This image is from Mount Jenner above Lake Königsee. A 30 minute cable-car ride up to the top gives you fantastic views! Another 30-45 hike takes you to the Gipfel summit with amazing views!
I have decided my favorite part of being in the German Alps are the Beer Gardens!! There is nothing more rewarding after a hike to then hang out and have a beer and food! This particular weekend was 40 degrees C (100+ Fahrenheit!) and even though it was a short hike, it seemed like it was straight up with my 30 pound camera pack). Really some amazing views that I will post. The wildflowers were quite nice and tall mountains everywhere followed by the view of Lake Königsee below. Another place to definately get to when over in Europe.

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